Pretzels?  Yes please.  Chocolate?  Of course.  Candy shell?  Um, yea, I  guess so.  That seems unnecessary, but ok.

And scene.

Pretzel M&M's

Pretzel M&M’s arrived a few months ago, to fill a niche in the snack world… that is already being filled quite admirably.  You see, we already have chocolate-covered pretzels.  And they’re amazing.

Here’s the equation we’re working with:  chocolate + pretzels = Delicious

Simple.  Elegant.

Actually it looks more like this:  chocolate + pretzels + salt = Delicious

And that is where Pretzel M&M’s go a little awry: the all-important salt.  We have too little salt and too much pretzel.  The Pretzel M&M is dominated by its very bland pretzel core, which unfortunately takes up the bulk of the flavorspace.  The amount of milk chocolate in each bite simply can’t compete, and let’s face it, the thin candy shell brings very little to the party.

Pretzel M&M's

In the chocolate-covered pretzel world, the pretzel is really just a place holder for the salt.   And once we evolve as a society that accepts chocolate-covered salt (we’re close, fingers crossed), we may very well see pretzels tossed by the wayside.  Here, the pretzel’s potential to contribute is wasted.

Pretzel M&M's

What we’re left with is the bite-sized anemic cousin of the chocolate-covered pretzel.  Pretzel M&M’s aren’t bad at all. Just fantastically ok.  A little more salt and a bit more chocolate to balance the ratio and I’m sold.  Until then, go grab a bag of the real thing.

Pretzel M&M's

Chocolate + pretzels + salt ≠ chocolate-1 + pretzel2 + salt0 + candy shell