From A Hamburger Today:
I still haven’t been to the Whopper Bar in Orlando, but if they decide to import The New York Pizza Burger, I’ll be flying down I-4 (and by flying I mean sitting in gridlock) Look at it!  I have to figure out how to type the drueling, gurgling sound Homer Simpson makes.

From Chow Bella:
Ten cringe-worthy candies that probably taste awesome.  The very idea of a five pound gummy bear terrifies me.  All that jiggling.  Shudder.

From The Atlantic
How does Jelly Belly make all of those weird flavors?  Possible answers here.  I still think some part of it involves voodoo.

From Gizmodo:
Sun Chips’ new bags are 100% compostable and so loud they could cause deafness and a tear in the space-time continuum.

From Boing Boing:
“The cubes had to be rehydrated by ‘holding in the mouth for ten seconds.'” Mmmmmm.  Best and worst space foods from author Mary Roach.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user shinya