TGI Friday’s Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins? Yea I’ll take an order of those and some mozzarella sticks and a Cherry Coke. What’s that? Oh they sell them in store. Like the frozen food aisle? What? They’re potato chips?! Record scratch.

When did TGI Friday’s start making chips? And why did no one tell me about it? I’m known to patronize a Friday’s every now and again. They are my favorite flair-based eatery. I enjoy their Jack Daniel’s sauce. I enjoy their Spinach Artichoke Dip. I even enjoyed an entire cheeseburger kid’s meal before the waitress told me it wasn’t mine. I had suspicions something was wrong and small, but it was after a morning of go carting at the Celebration Station across the street, so I was hungry. Sadly that’s a true story. I’m 30. Colon open parenthesis.

So why did none of my red, white, and black clad servers never once say “Sir, have you tried our delicious line of chips?” Because if they had, I would have responded, “Why no Scott, please tell me more.”

Why do I have to accidentally find them at a dollar store of all places?  I found these during the same trip that bore the encounter with my arch nemesis, the Slim Jim Beef ‘n Cheese.  However, these make up for the Slim Jim’s copious amounts of terrible, and then some.

Scott why didn’t you tell me?

TGI Friday’s Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins are nothing short of a revelation.  I love them!  These taste great, like an actual potato skin with actual bacon!  And they’re hearty.  Thick and heavy and well-seasoned.  And salty.  So If you’re hypertensive, steer clear.  Also, if you ‘re a slug. And if you are a hypertensive slug, God help you.

And who would have thought you’d find something so tasty in such a generic, horribly designed package?  Did someone leave the bag design in the sun before they sent it to manufacturing?  They definitely look like they belong at the dollar store snack graveyard.  But rest assured friends, they do not.

I feel like I need to head back to the dollar store and buy them all out.  TGI Friday’s Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins deserve so much more than sitting on the bottom shelf next to the off-brand bleach and Phantom Menace pencil packs.  It’s a travesty.  Go find some, you will not be disappointed.