Stadium Nacho Doritos are subtitled “Limited Edition Inspired by Madden ’11.”  Well, if you haven’t played any of the Madden games, their nachos are indeed delicious.  I do prefer the one’s in the Xbox 360 version though.  They seem fresher.  I almost wish football and football stadiums were real things.

Attention Doritos: that’s moronic!  I don’t mind if you cross promote your chips with a game.  I don’t mind if you slap a helmet on the bag.  I don’t even mind if you slap the Madden logo on there.  But come on!  These chips were not “inspired” by a video game.  THEY WERE INSPIRED BY ACTUAL NACHOS SERVED IN STADIUMS!  Someone needs to be fired.

Okay.  When I eat a food that’s bad for me, that is based on another food that is bad for me, I could not be happier that we live in the future (keep  your flying cars). 

I’m not going to lie to you Marge, I’m an old school Cool Ranch kinda guy.  I don’t like the original Nacho Cheese flavor.  Too much orange powder.  Things that are too orange cause brain tumors (and not the cool kind that give you superpowers).  I heard that somewhere.

So, I didn’t expect these to be much of a variant on the original, but they are. These are my new favorite Doritos’ flavor.  For one thing, they’re not nearly as drenched in the orange powder.  They are actually closer in color to Cool Ranch.  The jalapeno flavoring that’s been added is completely the star of the show.  Or the game?  Or the video game?  Hrrm.  The jalapeno is not overpowering or too spicy, and it really does call to mind the flavor of the jalapeno cheese sauce found in stadium concession stands.  And a serving won’t cost you $48 and some contact BO.  The wonders of food science!  

I’ve gone through bags of these already.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve consumed so many Doritos.  I may have to start stockpiling, for when the Limited Edition run ends.  These really need to be a regular flavor.

I’d recommend that you go buy a bag, but that would mean less for me.  So, on second thought, these are so gross you guys! Like for serious!  Don’t even waste your time.

(Car tires squealing out of the driveway)