Hypothesis: Things with “triple” in the title are generally good.

Test subjects:
Triple A – Helpful when a car breaks down or a tire is flattened
Triple H – Modern classic professional wrestler, usually entertaining
Triple Sec – Helpful in the process of intoxification
Triple Crown – Large hats and fast horses make for three enjoyable afternoons
Triple X – Printed on the sides of old-timey cartoon moonshine jugs (among other things)

Results: Hypothesis is proven correct.  Things with “triple” in the title are generally good.

Twix Triple Chocolate could easily be added to this data set without altering the experiment’s results.  It’s a good candy bar, or, I guess, pair of candy bars.

Twix Triple Chocolate is a reflavoring and not a restructuring, mostly.  It  replaces the classic Twix cookie with a chocolate one.  The chocolate cookie seems to be a little drier and more crumbly than the original but still tastes ok.  Seems like it could use a little retooling.

The standard caramel has been modified and is now chocolate caramel.  It seems they changed the color of the caramel more than the flavor.  IThe brown is very dark but the flavor is very light.

The milk chocolate coating remains unaltered.

With a product named Twix Triple Chocolate, I was expecting to be drowning in chocolate (that’s how I hope to die, by the way).  I mean, come on, it’s tripled.  But thankfully that’s not the case.  The chocolate flavor in the cookie and the caramel is surprisingly subtle and really effective.

The real success is the fact that they were able to add more chocolate flavor without pushing the sweetometer into the red.  Regular Twix (Twixes? Twixi?) are plenty sweet and these could have easily been a sugary disaster.  Kudos for reining in the cavity-inducing enthusiasm.

These are a quality and welcomed addition to the Twix line, unlike the Twix PB which I still knock to the floor and step on when I see them in my checkout lane.