I was walking through the local grocery store, thinking about Mr. Belding’s brother, Rod (and how much of a jerk he was for telling the kids that he was going to take them whitewater rafting and then not showing up), when this bag of chips caught my eye.

By caught my eye, I mean my synapses flickered out and I collapsed on the floor.  Because there is so much going on with this bag!  Just look at it!  It’s amazing!  It’s like a design firm exploded!  Gold, silver, and green metallic foil!  Seven different fonts!  Nine colors!  Needle- impaled voodoo dolls!  Numbers!  Wow.

When my brain congealed back into a solid, I grabbed the bag and scampered up the nearest tree to dig in.

I didn’t know what Voodoo Gumbo flavor was.  There’s some nonsensical explanation on the back about how someone spilled some spices at the factory and they tasted good!  It’s amazing how frequently that works. 

So with a name like Voodoo Gumbo, I was expecting meaty, tomato-y, cajuny something or other.  But I didn’t get it.  I got vinegar.  A lot of it.  But vinegar’s not on the ingredient list, so I’m guessing the sourness is coming from the citric acid.  It was too much. 

But the flavor is not all vinegar, just mostly.  Voodoo Gumbo seems to be a mishmash of vinegar, barbeque, and sweet onion.  If I want those flavors, I’ll just have them on their own, thank you.  I don’t need them mixed together by your bumbling floor waxers. 

I’m not a huge fan of vinegar chips, so I’m not a huge fan of these.  They’re ok, and I’ve been working my way through the bag, but I don’t think I’ll be picking them up again.  I can’t eat many at one sitting.  The vinegar flavor just kept compounding on my tongue until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

If you’re a fan of vinegar, you’ll probably like these.  But really, you should pick up a bag because of the sheer awesomeness of the bag.   How often do you get to own a perfect storm of art, design, and food packaging?  My bag has been framed in a shadow box and is now hanging next to my Over the Top poster.