So Popchips are popped chips (hence the name) or more accurately, puffed chips.  They take some potatoes, add some heat and pressure, and somehow we get an airy delicious treat.  That’s science kids.

If you’ve never had them before, they are an unnatural hybrid between regular potato chips and cheese puffs.  Like if you were to puff and entire potato and then sliced it into chips.  They are the next evolution in potato chips if you ask me.  And you didn’t.

The barbeque flavor is pretty standard.  It’s not a new ground breaking formula or anything.  It’s barbeque.  But it’s good.  Sweet and a little tangy. The chips are not overly seasoned or caked with powder.  It’s the flavor and the texture in combination, working together, striving to be their best, that makes these chips really fantastic.  It’s magic.

Popchips Barbeque, where have you been all of my life?  Were you always around and I just didn’t notice you because you were wearing glasses and seemed awkward?  Am I the Freddie Prinze Jr. to your Rachel Leigh Cook?  If only my friends had dared me to make you over and take you to the prom sooner!  Regular potato chips just aren’t going to do it for me anymore.  They are so like the uppity blonde girl I was dating before I learned what true love really was in 97 minutes.

Popchips, I feel like I’ve wasted so much time that could have been better spent loving you!  I look forward to a long and happy relationship, granted we get by the awkward prom confrontation that is inevitably going to occur.

These chips are my new favorite thing.

Also.  They’re not horribly bad for you.  But I don’t care about that.