What you are looking at is my first ever Ritter Sport Chocolate bar.  I know!  I can’t believe it either.

But look, no one ever told me how to snack properly.  I lived half my life under the impression that Hershey bars were the pinnacle of chocolate making.  How was I to know?!  My parents never told me!  My friends never told me!  College certainly didn’t tell me.  I’d much rather have spent $500 on three credit hours of Proper Snacking 101 than Classical Greek Comedy.  Because that class helped my life never.  I really wish that was a joke.  Stupid college with their quads and parking passes.  Breathe.

Back to the chocolate.  OH MY GOD, what else have I been missing?!  Ritter Sport is amazing!  Although “Ritter Sport” couldn’t sound any less like delicious chocolate.  That’s just a weird name.  You can’t argue that.

This is Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Creme.  It’s new.  The pink package caught my eye.  This pink package, like the others, is for breast cancer.  Ritter Sport and its American importer have pledged $100,000 towards raising awareness.  The money will go to the Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey.  That’s awesome.

Ok, this is getting too serious for this blog.  Remember ABC ‘s Dinosaurs?

I had few reservations going in, as this was my first Ritter, and the chocolate/strawberry combination has been done horrendously in the past, many times over by lesser chocolate companies.  Weird syrups.  Gels (shudder).   Sometimes I still have the nightmares.

Rest assured this is the way you do this flavor.  It is fantastic.  The milk chocolate is just great.  If all Ritter chocolate tastes like this, I may have a new addiction.  The strawberry creme is sweet, airy, and light.  And the bits of strawberry add the perfect amount of tartness.  The balance Ritter has achieved here is perfect.  It all works. 

As I was devouring the last little square, a flavor memory hit me.  This chocolate bar reminded me of a very high quality Neapolitan ice cream.  Delightful.

I can’t believe 30 years have passed, and I’ve never enjoyed the bliss of a Ritter Sport.  I need to make up for this lost time.  Although maybe it’s better I didn’t find them until now.  I’d probably be packing an additional 300 pounds, and that’s just not helpful to a trapeze hobbyist like myself.

Run, don’t walk, and buy as many of these as you can.  They are a limited edition by the way!  Travesty!

And parents, please talk to your kids about the importance of proper snacking.  It really is important that they know.  And knowing is half the battle.