I recently took a trip to Philadelphia.  While I was there, I made a concerted effort to scour every dollar store, grocer, and convenience mart in the area to find snacks that I otherwise wouldn’t have encountered in Florida.

I came away with some treats that weren’t necessarily local, just things I haven’t found here.  More on those in future posts.  But I also discovered some tasty regional items like Herr’s Potato Chips.  I want to say I’ve had Herr’s before, but I can’t actually pinpoint when.  They are familiar, and I know the brand, but maybe it’s only through pop culture references like in The Office.  I don’t know.

Having limited space available in my suitcase, I decided to skip the more common Barbeques and Sour Cream and Onions and go right for these.  Now since this trip occurred over Halloween weekend, I was in a scary, malevolent kind of mood, so on first glance, I was super excited to stumble across a bag of Herr’s Kettle Cooked Dark Arts Potato Chips!  Imagine my disappointment when, after I dawned my Cloak of Sorrow and lit all of my black Candles of the Infinite Abyss, I discovered that these were, indeed, Herr’s Kettle Cooked Dark Potato Chips.

After I sheathed my ceremonial dagger and released the drifter I was going to use to appease the Old Ones (Sorry Jasper!), I tore into the bag.

I’ve never had a dark potato chip before, so my initial thoughts were that these were just going to be regular chips with a touch of bronzer.  A bit of color gimmickry.  So what?

These are made with Russet potatoes, which again, meant nothing to me, as I was woefully ignorant of what kind of potatoes chips are usually made with.  According to their website, their “new russet kettle chips are made with potatoes that have been chilled, which naturally increases their sugar content.”  Which makes them darker.  Sooooooo…there’s that.

I love these chips.  The color is beautiful.  I felt like a gourmand.  Look at me and my exotic dark potato chips!  They are fairly salty, but the salt is balanced by a really strong potato flavor, that is much more noticeable than in regular chips.  Very potato-y.  I don’t know if this is from the potatoes or from the chilling of said potatoes.  Either way, they’re great.  I never stopped to wonder at how many potato chips taste like potato chips and not actually like potatoes.

I am saddened by the fact that I won’t be finding these in a 7-11 around here.  These would most definitely find a spot in my regular chip rotation.  If you live in a place where Herr’s is available then I’m sure you already know they make a fine chip.  If you haven’t tried these dark ones, I suggest you do.

Again, Jasper, my apologies.