A few weeks ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of Ritter Sport chocolate.  Since then, everything has been better.  I’ve lost 170 pounds.  My hair has more volume.  My biceps have tripled in size.  I’ve got a pilot premiering on Fox next fall.  The sky is bluer.  The grass is greener.  The drugs are whiter…I’ve said too much (sniff).

After the first post went live, I had friends tell me they couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried Ritter Sport.  Apparently, they’d been loving it for years.  Well, I’ve unfriended, defriended, and reverse friended those horrible, selfish people.

This is my second of Ritter Sport’s plethora of delicious varieties: Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts.  It is a pseudo-sequel to their failed product from the late 70s: Milk Chocolate with Fractions of Hazlenuts.

Of course this is simple variety is fantastic.  Ritter Sport’s milk chocolate, as always, is rich, creamy, and all kinds of delicious. 

And what can you say about hazelnuts?  They’re always good.  Sharing flavorspace with milk chocolate is no brainer.  And when they say whole hazelnuts, they mean whole hazelnuts.  And lots of them, in every bite.

I don’t feel hazelnuts get the credit they deserve. It’s always peanuts and almonds and walnuts.  I think hazelnuts need to replace their PR people.  Perhaps a little social media marketing could help.  @IHeartHazelnuts is available.

Even though I am a complete n00b in the world of Ritter Sport, I’m guessing they probably don’t make bad products.  Only products that range from great to good.  I can’t imagine a bad variety of Ritter Sport.  Even if they started making Milk Chocolate with Scrap Metal Shards or Dark Chocolate with Pink Fiberglass Insulation, I’m pretty sure I could still get through the bar.

If you’re into chocolate then, I’m sure you’ve had these.  If you’re late to the party like me, with bad friends who don’t share things, then dump those friends and go look for this chocolate.  Everything will be better.  I just had anther bite, and now I know karate.