I had a bad Oreo problem when I was about 10 years old.  I would pour myself a tall glass of cold milk and stack my little plate with three delicious Oreos before settling down to watch some Animaniacs (Who still knows the words to “Lake Titicaca”?).  It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon after a tough day at school.  And just for the record I eat them like cookies.  I dunk, and I eat.  I never got involved with the twisting and the licking.  I don’t have the time to invest in snack disassembly.

I don’t eat a lot of Oreos these days, mainly because I want to live to see 35, and also because my apartment is just not big enough for a Rascal mobility scooter.  But this was back in the glorious time when I was still blissfully ignorant of calories and fat grams.  Eventually, my three Oreos became four, which became five, and eventually turned into nine or ten at one sitting.  At thirty years of age if I were to eat ten Oreos, the personal guilt and self-loathing would keep me hiding under the covers for the better part of a week.

So when I saw this Oreo brownie at the local drug store, I had visions of hugging my knees in the shower, crying, trying to wash away the shame.  I was expecting a sugar explosion in the shape of a rectangle that would eventually overpower me into unconsciousness.

However, I found these surprisingly ok.  The brownie is cakey but a little too dense for my taste.  It is flecked with bits of Oreo and each bite is infused with Oreo flavor but not obnoxiously so.  They are a little greasy, but overall not a bad snack.  I could never finish one, but I’m sure many people could.

This just seems like one of those products that some up and coming executive dreamt up on his way to work to make a name for himself in the company.  He was going to change the Oreo game forever!  But this product it’s completely unnecessary.  The masses are not crying out for an Oreo Brownie.  “I wish someone would take the cookie that i love and turn it into not the cookie I love.” 

Stick with your Oreos everybody, but if you’re feeling adventurous pick up an Oreo Brownie. They won’t disgust you but you won’t love them either.