Here’s the thing about potato chips: they’re great.  You love them.  I love them.  Plato would have used them to illustrate a Perfect Form: an ideal snack against which all other snacks can be measured.

I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.  We’re all very discerning snackers here.

On an unrelated note, I just noticed “snackers” is not in my Microsoft Word dictionary but “smackers” is.  Really?  How often are people using the word “smackers”?  Anyway.

Route 11 is a company out of Virginia.  They make some good potato chips.  They’re not available in my area, so my only encounters with them have been with a bag I got on a trip to Philadelphia and a few bags that friend of the blog, Courtney, brought me from her trip to Tennessee.

Truth be told, I’m not in love with kettle chips.  I have a moderate crunch threshold.  Once chips pass that threshold, I’m put off by the excess of crunch.  I feel like one wrong bite and my gums are going to be torn to shreds.  I think I was traumatized as a child from too many bad run-ins with Cap’n Crunch.  Route 11’s potato chips fall well within my kettle chip crunch wheelhouse.  They are perfectly crunchy.

They are also seasoned to perfection.  The barbeque flavor is sweet and tangy and delicious.  The flavors are really bright, but not overdone.  After snacking, my fingers weren’t completely caked in barbeque powder.  Which is a good thing, because the last time my girlfriend and I went to get some barbeque ribs, she asked me what I thought human flesh tasted like.  True story.  Seriously.  True story.

Another thing that Route 11 does well is bag design.  Check out that bag.  It’s awesome!  The color and the logo, come on.  A+ for the graphic designer that came up with it.  Zapp’s should give Route 11 a call and get that guy’s name.

I wish I could get my hands on these without the aid of a cursor.  I’d be knee deep in them.  If you haven’t tried these, I highly recommend them.   And if they’re available where you live, grab ten bags and send them to me.  I’ll be your best friend.  Happy smacking everyone!