I love sweet potatoes.  They are a delicious and underused food.  Why they are relegated to two meals at the end of the year is beyond me.  Every Thanksgiving I say I’m going to start using them more around the kitchen.  But sadly, I never do.  Mr. Sweet Potato and Mr. Cranberry pack up their hobo sacks and hop the nearest freight to who knows where.  Where they go and what adventures they have, I don’t know.  I heard they followed Phish around for a while.  Heard they opened up a cupcake store in Portland.  Heard they worked on a vegan socialist commune in Washington.  Heard they shot a pumpkin in Reno just to watch him die.  I don’t know.  Just hearsay and road house tales.


I’ve never had sweet potato chips before.  Mashed yes, baked yes, French fried yes, but never chips.

Route 11 continues to impress me.  These sweet potato chips are simple and delicious.  Route 11 doesn’t use a lot of ingredients or fancyfication in their preparation, and it shows.  The sweet potato flavor is distinct and not muddied by the addition of any unnecessaries.  The chips are lightly salted which serves to contest the sweetness of the potato perfectly.  The chips are crunchy but don’t exceed my all critical crunch threshold.

The bag design is once again great.  Whoever is in charge of these bags is doing some great design work.   A lot of companies should take note.

I’m only two products into Route 11’s chip line, and I can’t wait to try all of the other varieties.  Route 11 is a small company that makes fantastic chips.  If you haven’t had any, go get some.  If you can’t find any, order some online.  They’re worth it.  Also, someone told me Cracker Barrel carries them, but I haven’t been able to verify that in any Cracker Barrels near me.  Mainly because I’m afraid of Cracker Barrels.  Too much oldtimey-ness horrifies me.

And Sweet Potato, if you’re out there, I miss you buddy.  You and Cranberry are welcome here anytime.  Come home soon.