I like seafood.  More specifically I like seafood that’s been battered and deep fried beyond all recognition.  Apparently, there are other ways to prepare seafood, like with seasonings and stuff.  It takes all kinds.

The first time I’d ever heard of Old Bay Seasoning was on the Sporkful podcast when one of the hosts mentioned that when he brings the seafood seasoning to any function where popcorn is available, he is hailed as a culinary hero.  I was intrigued, but as I don’t cook seafood, deep fried or otherwise, my intrigue soon went away when I found out that Hulu was now streaming the first season of Magnum P.I.

Cut to several weeks later, and I find myself in a grocery store in Philadelphia.  My eye is suddenly caught by a shiny silvery bag that I hoped was a time traveling snack from the future.  Why else would it be silver and shiny?  Alas, it was not.  What the bag turned out to be was a bag of Herr’s Old Bay Potato Chips.  My mind started racing like Dr. House’s.  Whenever I remember something unexpectedly my mind’s eye projects itself through my veins and organs until it reaches a gnarly black growth of some type.  In this case, the gnarly black growth was the Sporkful podcast I had heard so many weeks before.  The bag was bought and partially consumed.

I was excited to try Old Bay for the first time.  I must admit that I was disappointed, and that I did not like it.  Now, granted, it is meant to be put on seafood and not potato chips, so I’m still holding out hope it works well with a stack of crabs.

Old Bay Seasoning is packed with a huge mix of herbs and spices, and I found the whole experience to be overwhelming.  The smokey, earthy, spicy,  paprika-y flavor was interesting and unique, but I knew I wasn’t enjoying it, even though I really, really wanted to.  I think I was hoping for something that tasted like crabs or seafood.  Maybe a crab-flavored chip with Old Bay Seasoning would work better for me.  I don’t know. 

However, as I eat through the bag, I find myself liking them a little more each time.  They are not bad, just not for me.  Yet.  I think if I ate enough bags of these chips, eventually I might grow to like them.  But who has the time?  There are eight seasons of Magnum.

Until then, I can play with the bag.  So shiny!