There are pioneers in every field.  The Wright brothers ushered in an era of flight.  Albert Einstein heralded the atomic age.  Al gore created the Internet.  Daniel Graystone gave humanity the first fully sentient robotic beings.  And now Not Just Cereal offers the poor, tired and huddled masses a line of chocolate-covered cereal.

Do I think Not Just Cereal’s Milk Chocolate Honey Toasted O’s will force the human race nearly to the brink of destruction? Probably.

Ok, I don’t really think that.  But anytime something is coated in chocolate, humanity takes one more wheezing step toward it’s giant, triple extra large casket.

I am fascinated, and possibly in love, with the idea of chocolate-covered cereal.  Who hasn’t grabbed a handful of Cheerios or Lucky Charms in the middle of the afternoon while watching a Family Ties marathon.  Michael P. Keaton is the Fiber One of 80s sitcom characters (thanks @norycandy). 

And what could make dry cereal even better?  Chocolate, of course.

However, as Thomas Edison had to fail over 73 million times before he invented the automobile, so fails Not Just Cereal.  Does their status as a failure diminish my respect for their pioneering integrity?  It does not.

Not Just Cereal is an off brand, and their Milk Chocolate Honey Toasted O’s taste like an off brand product.  The milk chocolate (and milk chocolate flavored coating) is not great.  It’s passable, and certainly not the worst chocolate I’ve ever had, but after a few mouthfuls it starts to wear on you.

The Honey Toasted O’s tasted weak and nebulously corny.  Definitely more than a few steps removed from Honey Nut Cheerios.  They also had that stale Alright-Which-One-of-You-Jerks-Didn’t-Close-the-Cereal-All-the-Way crunch, that’s not quite a crunch.  That’s a problem because the cereal component is of the utmost importance in an experiment like this.  If the cereal does work, no amount of good chocolate will ever bring it back from the brink.

These Honey Toasted O’s are not bad, but I wouldn’t quite call them good.  They’re somewhere in between.  I can’t say I’ll be buying another box.

But the idea of chocolate-covered cereal is sound.  And my mind is still racing from excitement at the possibilities.  Some artisan snack crafters need to get to work on this.  A high quality cereal covered in high quality chocolate (or caramel, why not?) sounds like a recipe for success.  I know I’d buy a box, or thirty-eight.

Here are my top five requests:

1. Milk Chocolate Cap’n Crunch (Crunch Berries optional)
2. Milk Chocolate Corn Pops
3. Caramel Apple Jacks
4. Dark Chocolate Cocoa Puffs
5. Milk Chocolate Golden Grahams

What did I miss? Fruit Brute? Kix? Cookie Crisp? What’s on your chocolate-covered cereal wish list?