I’ve always been a sour cream and onion guy.  Back when I was living in New Jersey, all of my friends loved sour cream and onion chips.  We’d eat them all the time.  But then my mom got a new job, and we had to move to Reseda, California.  No one liked sour cream and onion chips there.  They were all salt and vinegar.  It was a nightmare. 

There was a girl I had a crush on who loved sour cream and onion chips, though she’d never admit it.  She used to go with a guy who was way into salt and vinegar.   And he loved to torment me.  One Halloween, he and his friends caught me eating sour cream and onion chips at the school dance.  They chased me and beat the crap out of me, though I have to admit their skeleton costumes were pretty cool.  I was saved by a wise and friendly Asian man. 

Long story short, that Asian man taught me strength and self-confidence.  Under his guidance I learned to stand up for myself and not be ashamed of my love for sour cream and onion chips.  He also taught me how to beat up those other guys with karate.

I even traveled to Okinawa with him one time and saved a girl stuck on a bell tower during a monsoon.  But that is another story.

As I’ve aged, I’ve also acquired a taste for barbeque chips.  I think there is a lot more range in the barbeque chip department than there is with sour cream and onion.  Sour cream and onion just sort of says all of the components right there in the name.  There’s sour cream, and there’s some onion.  Barbeque, however, can include just about anything: spices, herbs, smoke, ketchup, souls, vinegar, molasses, grillmaster forehead sweat, etc.

I found these Miss Vickie’s Smokehouse BBQ chips (an imprint of Frito-Lay) after my first round of allergy shots at the local medical center.  I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock and die, so I figured some celebratory munching was in order. 

They’re all natural and kettle cooked.  The crunch was well within my acceptable parameters for crunchiness.  No bleeding gums to report.  And they tasted light and not very greasy.

The word “smokehouse” puts in my head visions of dark, earthy, heavy, smokey flavors.  The actual flavors didn’t line up exactly with my visions.  The barbeque flavor was very bright, tangy and citrusy. Almost approaching vinegary.  There’s some smokiness there, but you really have to work (suck) hard to find it. 

That’s not to say they aren’t good, they are, just not what I was expecting.  You’ve had chips just like these before.  They are not trying to re-invent the wheel.  They’re not looking to blow your socks off.  They’re trying to make a decent tangy, kind of barbeque chip.  And they succeeded.  These are an ok, middle of the road snack. 

I don’t think these will be on anyone’s list of favorite chips, they just don’t have enough going on, but they are pleasant enough.  If you like your barbeque heavy, these probably aren’t for you.  I wouldn’t search them out, but if you happen to see a bag, don’t be afraid.  Pick it up and enjoy it.  It okay lose to opponent, must not lose to fear.