Today is Valentine’s Day.  Lovers, significant others, and sweeties everywhere are exchanging gifts, flowers, and chocolate as we speak.  And single people the world over are being unfairly punished and made to feel as if they should be spending the evening in the Mos Eisley Cantina. 

My history with the infamous day has been a rocky one.  Single and unapproachably nerdy throughout high school left me pining for unattainable secret crushes.  College found me attending a Billy Joel concert with one of my male friends (I found nothing wrong with it then and I find nothing wrong with it now).  I met the love of my life and the day became one for celebrating and giving thanks for the fact that she somehow is not disgusted by the very sight of me.  And now as a teacher, the day means being showered with copious amounts of brown chalk in heart shaped boxes, and if I’m lucky, some Star Wars paraphernalia.

In honor of this day, I’ve decided to review a product with some pink on its box.  I’m a hopeless romantic.

I’ve been hearing great things about Vosges Haut-Chocolat from people all over the chocoblogosphere (it’s a thing).  And in a stroke of luck, I happened upon some at the local foodie market.  Out of a handful of varieties, I decided to go with the Vosges Goji Bar, mainly because I’ve never eaten pink salt and had absolutely no idea what a goji berry was.

Turns out a goji berry is red and Asian and looks a lot like an old school Christmas bulb.  They are also known as wolfberries.  “Wolfberry” is way more awesome than “goji berry.”  Seems like this stuff should have been packed in every Twilight chocolate bar I saw at the counter at Border’s.  The Team Jacob nerds would have loved it.  I’m Team Oz.  Obviously.

So we’ve got milk chocolate, Tibetan goji berries, and pink Himalayan salt.  Interesting to say the least.  I was hoping that this mysterious combination was going to make my taste buds and brain asplode.  It didn’t.

The chocolate itself was fantastic.  Rich and smooth and perfect.  Vosges knows what they’re doing on that front.  I had mixed feelings about the salt.  In the right proportion it was great.  It impacted on my tongue and contrasted the chocolate’s sweetness beautifully.  However, that perfect proportion was hard to find.  The salt distribution was haphazard.  Sometimes there was no salt to be found and other times I felt like I was chewing on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  I didn’t really notice the goji berries at all until I had to pick them out of my teeth.  If they have a flavor, I still don’t know what it is.

Overall, I was disappointed.  But I’m not swearing of Vosges just yet.  Their chocolate is great, and I love that they are trying some interesting combinations of ingredients.  This variety was just not for me, but I am really excited to try more.

Pick up a Goji Bar.  You might love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.