My snack cache has been a little on the lean side as of late.  I haven’t placed any good online orders anywhere.  I haven’t been to any unusual markets.  And I definitely haven’t been to any theme parks.  But thankfully the humble Walgreens up the road from Food Junk Headquarters, never fails to yield something good to review.

During my last I was persuaded by the enthusiastic cashier to take home a bag of Popcorn Indiana Dark Fudge Chocolate Chip Kettlecorn.  You see, coincidentally, the bags were on sale at the register and the sale was ending on the very day I was buying them!  Imagine my luck and subsequent excitement at being able to take home a small bag of popcorn for only $.99 and not the usual, what, $1.09!  

Adding to the cashier’s irresistible sales pressure was that fact that he looked EXACTLY like a Fred Armisen character, complete with weird glasses, and a crazy unplaceable accent!  Three steps off the curb I was doing my best “Aye dios mio!” impression.  I can’t get back to that store fast enough.

Anyway.  Popcorn, Indiana.  Apparently it’s a thing.  And a place.  A real place.  Seems made up to me, or at least whimsically magical, like a town that would be the center of an Amazing Stories episode, in which two young children have an unbelievable adventure and learn the true meaning of friendship, only to find out from an old person on a rocking chair that the town of Popcorn, Indiana, had burned to the ground nearly 60 years ago.

I don’t usually eat popcorn covered in anything except the delicious, alarmingly yellow gel goo I slather on from a pump at the movie theater and, of course, the large decorative tin of caramel shellacked kernels given to me at Christmas by someone who clearly doesn’t like me.  So, I didn’t know what to expect.

Turns out the stuff is pretty good.  Each kernel was drizzled with chocolate and studded with mini chocolate chips.  There were a few large conglomerate chunks in the bag and many smaller pieces.  The popcorn tasted fresh-ish, as much as it could.  The chocolate was faux but decent.  No weird texture, flavor, or aftertaste issues.  And my only minor gripe is that I think I could have gone with a little more salt to balance the sweetness.    

At 99 cents, this is a good snack and a bargain.  It will hit all of your flavor zones, it’s light, and won’t leave you feeling disgusted with yourself.

So pick up a bag and enjoy before the town disappears and you have to hop the mystical freight train that runs right through the center of your newly built house to find your way back.

Seriously, go rent Amazing Stories.