I’ve been in a general junk food funk lately.  You know what I mean.  I stand at the pantry looking for that elusive something that will satisfy my cravings.  Taking a bite out of one thing, a handful from the next.  Nothing really hitting the spot.  It happens.  I blame the supermoon.

I figured it was about time for a trip to the Oceanic Asian Market across the bay.  I love the Oceanic Asian Market.  It’s big and jam-packed with a zillion different food items I’ve never heard of and in some cases never dreamed about.   I spent about an hour wandering curiously. 

Buying stuff there is a bit scary.  One, I don’t speak any Asian language, so it’s hard to tell what the snack actually is when all I have to go on is a bright pink foil package with an adorable panda with a jet back shooting rainbow lasers out of his eyes  into the green glowing heart of an anthropomorphic bicycle.  And two, even if the package is printed in English, it is nigh impossible for me to know which is a top tier brand and which severely not so top tier.

Calbee’s Shrimp Flavored Chips.  These chips were on the end of an aisle and the bag jumped out at me.  I love the font and the pink polka dots.  The product name could use some more pizzazz but I guess they were going for simple and accurate.  Best not to confuse I guess. 

The back of the bag said the chips are made with “tidbits of shrimp.”  I can’t resist anything made of tidbits.  Who can?  These are wheat flour-based, baked puffs.   The fourth ingredient on the bag is “shrimp.“  Not shrimp imaginings, not vague seafood seasoning, but “shrimp.”  That was a good sign.

The execution of these chips is very impressive.  They are light, airy, crispy and not laden with oil.  The shrimp flavor is the most authentic I’ve ever tasted.  The chips actually taste like actual shrimp.  The kind that swim in the sea.   The flavor is not overwhelming, nor is the saltiness.  Both are perfectly leveled. 

I was really, really surprised by how good these are.  For me, these were a welcomed break from the usual cheese and sour cream and barbeque and vinegar.  I would definitely pick up a bag of Shrimp Flavored Chips every few months.  If you’re a shrimp or seafood fan, you owe it to yourself to give these a try.  They will make you super happy fun time.