My career as a teacher takes me on many wondrous adventures.  And by wondrous adventures, I mean torturous chores.  This past weekend I volunteered to be a judge at the Florida Science Olympiad.  It’s a science competition for middle and high school students.  I am not a science teacher, but I do love me some science.  Give me the latest issue of New Scientist and a tall glass of iced tea and I’ll make an afternoon out of it.

The competition was held on the campus of the University of Central Florida.  It is a beautiful school and much nicer than the rat hole I attended (USF. Go fighting D-Bags!) The competition sees wonderful little nerdlings designing robots, launching rockets, constructing bridges, making PVC instruments, and doing a ton of other awesome stuff.  Then there was my event: Ecology.  Which was a test…on ecology…of the tundra.  I gave up my Saturday to drive 90 miles, pay ten dollars in tolls, and grade tests on the arctic fox.  My life is a rich tapestry.

You get to UCF from I-4.  Driving on I-4 goes a little something like this: St. Petersburg, beautiful Tampa Bay, Tampa, cow pastures, cow pastures, cow pastures, crappy side-of-the-road dinosaur world, cow pastures, cow pastures, Disney World.  Along the way there are myriad gas stations of varying grossness.  I stopped at one for some liquid refreshment.  Its gross level was somewhere between smells-like-feet and pay-with-a-card-because-my-change-might-have-the-plague. 

Ever on the lookout for interesting snacks, I spied this Three Musketeers Mint with Dark Chocolate.  It had been a while since I had a Three Musketeers, and I didn’t know they did a mint variety, so I grabbed it.  The day was looking up. 

These have been out for quite a while, 2007 to be exact, but no one bothered to tell me.  The package I bought came with two shorter bars.  This is known as the 2-to-Go pack.  Ok then.  I didn’t really give much thought as to what a mint Three Musketeers bar would taste like.  I wasn’t sure if the whippy chocolate stuff in the middle would still be there or not (the word “nougat” bothers me).  Would it be mint-infused?  Would there be no chocolate whippy stuff at all?  So many possibilities.

Turns out, it’s a York Peppermint Patty: minty whippy stuff in the middle, dark chocolate coating.  Which is fine by me because I like York Peppermint Patties.  Though I didn’t think the Three Musketeers‘ mint was quite as good as York’s.  It was more subdued and not as snappy.  And I like my mint snappy.  I also prefer patties to bars in general.  Think about how awesome a Snickers patty would be.  Blew your mind just then, didn’t I? 

But I’d buy these again if I was ever in that weirdo gas station and they didn’t have Peppermint Patties or Andes Mints or Junior Mints.  They’re tasty.

So to recap my weekend in up to the minute snack blogging:  I bought a candy bar introduced four years ago from a seedy quick mart somewhere between the happiest place on earth and my one bedroom apartment.  Next week I review Circus Peanuts found in the rubble of an abandoned Circle-K outside historic St. Augustine.