This review will probably be the last in my recent series of posts entitled Snack Foods People Bring Me From Their Life-Enriching Travels Around The World While I Sit At Home Listening to Productivity Podcasts And Eating A Stray Potato Chip Shard I Found Tangled In My Chest Hair Wondering When The Last Time Was I Ate Potato Chips.

These are Prawn Cocktail Flavour Skips made by KP, the British company which brought us the sub-par and dog treat reminiscent Rancheros a few weeks ago.  They are “Guaranteed Irish” or so the back of the bag proudly proclaims, which I absolutely adore.  So much conviction.  So much passion.  I don’t really know what that means, but without researching it, I have to assume that this might possibly be the national snack of Ireland.

Here’s a little known fact for you.  The national pastime of Ireland?  Beligerence.

I kid.  I’m 27 parsecs Irish.  I think that’s accurate.  I don’t know exactly because I had to do the metric conversion.  But close enough.  I also have a friend who can vouch for me who is delightfully Irish.  Loud, funny, spirited, see-through-if-she-walks-in-front-of-a-headlight pale, wouldn’t hesitate to break a bottle over my skull in a bar brawl tough.  Delightfully Irish.  But I digress.

The front of the awesomely yellow and pink and foily Skips’ packet says the snacks are “fizzibly melty.”  A clever bit of wordplay to be sure, but one which left me completely baffled, as I’ve never read anything like that before on a bag of solid food.  But sure enough these Skips are fizzibly melty.  They are superpuffed corn snacks with a very aerated structure that melts on the tongue.  They don’t melt completely Raiders of the Lost Ark Nazi style if you let one sit, but you can feel a little bubbling.  It’s nothing like the violence of Pop Rocks, just a little percolation.  But once you start chomping, you really notice how quickly they breakdown.

The taste is an interesting progression that starts off with strong tomato notes and finishes with decent shrimp flavor.  Though the shrimp flavor shows up so late it’s almost just an aftertaste.  I liked the mix overall.  It was understated and effective, but I’m not a fan of their structure and the whole novelty of the fizzibly melty thing.  Though maybe it’s more of a safety issue, and the fizz is really there to remind Guinness-soaked Irishmen that they still have tongues.

The delicate and airy concavity didn’t provide enough satisfaction while chewing.  Things were breaking down into a post-melt paste before I had a chance to really enjoy them.  I felt like I was chasing the flavor around the corner and by the time I caught up with it, it had already jumped in a taxi and sped away. Who needs that?

I wasn’t road bowled over by these, but they’re not bad.  They’re novel and a fair approximation of the flavors they are emulating.  Guaranteed mediocre and worth a try if only for conversation’s sake.