Do you enjoy fruity candy but just don’t have the time to spend chewing it?  Have you ever been frustrated by candy that won’t keep you from crashing into furniture in the darkness of a power outage? Have you ever been mugged only to have the candy you threw at your attacker simply bounce off harmlessly?  There’s got to be a better way!

Introducing Skittles Sour Light Up Spray Candy, the world’s best misting confectionary treat.  Why waste those precious morning minutes chewing when a few quick spritzes on your epiglottis will have you starting your day properly soured?  Why risk falling through a plate glass window the next time a tree in your neighborhood takes out a power line when you can light the night in a dazzling array of colors?  Why live in fear that your weaponized candy will fail you in your moment of need when only a few well-placed squirts will have would-be assailant screaming in agony?

Skittles Sour Light Up Spray Candy comes in three flavors: Green Apple, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry.  The liquid for all three flavors is colorless, but each tube is equipped with a button at the bottom that lights up its contents in the appropriate color.  I’m not gonna lie.  They look kinda cool.

Skittles didn’t skimp on these things.  The production value on these is very high for being a novelty candy. The lights are bright and the buttons are easy to push.  The spray nozzles work very well and release a consistently fine and substantial mist.  There is no repeated pumping to prime them each time.  They really are quite impressive.

All three flavors taste like Jolly Rancher hard candies, though the Strawberry and Blue Raspberry have obviously been soured up a little.  The sourness falls in a range that would be acceptable to most humans regardless of age.  They do not have the face melting power of a Warhead, for example.  I was surprised that I enjoyed all three of these, but I think Green Apple was my favorite.  Green Apple is always my favorite.

This is novelty candy done right.  I’m sure kids love these.  They squirt, light up, and are sour.  What more could a kid want?  And economically speaking, these have to be the most fiscally sound candy on the market.  Ninety-nine cents gets you, what I’m estimating to be, several hundred sprays.  Unless you birthed some asocial maniac who is going to hose himself down with an entire tube at one sitting, these would last quite a few days.

I know you are not going to rush out and buy one of these, but if there is a child in your social sphere that has one, swipe it and take a hit.  They’re really not bad.  And if he gives you crap about sharing, mace him right in his stupid little face and tell him Food Junk sent you.  His parents know he’s dumb.  They’ll think he did it to himself.