Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way right at the top.  I generally try to keep this blog fairly PG rated.  I don’t cling to any moral high ground or anything.  I just don’t want to have to rely on too many f-bombs to hold my beloved readers’ interest. (People are interested aren’t they?  Dear God I hope they are.)  So even when staring at a bottle such as this, I am going to try and do my best to resist making the easy jokes.  From a practical standpoint, there are just too many to make, and I’m sure the stuff you can come up with will far exceed anything I am capable of.  So here we go.

NutLiquor.  Yep.  NutLiquor.  There is a product currently being sold around the country that is called…NutLiquor.  Just take a second and let that soak in.

It’s billed as the world’s first peanut butter vodka.  I guess someone had to do it.  And it’s 69 proof.  Yep.  69 proof.

I first saw NutLiquor a few months back while perusing my ridiculously long blog list in Google Reader.  Of course, it was making the rounds because of its name.  Whoever came up with the name and marketing strategy certainly did their job well.

Their website fully embraces the mild shock value of their product’s name with a Can You Believe We Called It That-type thing.  That sort of gambit can be a little perilous though, should the vodkateers spend more time developing the What A Crazy Name strategy and less time on the Hey Our Product Is Actually Good strategy.

Name aside, the idea of a peanut butter vodka isn’t really that crazy is it?  I mean with vodkas covering birthday cake, espresso, chocolate, and caramel already, it seems like peanut butter was only a matter of time.

The claim is that NutLiquor tastes like the middle of a peanut butter cup.  And that is pretty accurate in that it does indeed taste like sweetened peanut butter.  It’s a little too sweet for me, but then again I was drinking it straight up.  The mouth feel is really thick and syrupy (control yourselves).  And there is a definite warm burn on the way down the ol’ esophagus.  Overall, pretty good.

I’m sure there are a million possibilities for all of the mixologists out there.  It seems like NutLiquor could easily find its niche.  Were there peanut butter flavored cocktails before?  There had to be, right?  Did they just use actual peanut butter?  I could search it, but who has the time?  And I’m drunk.  And smell of peanuts.

I think the name is funny and a good way to get the stuff out there, but at a certain point, if NutLiquor proves to be successful, I think they might outgrow it.  And if they don’t, or won’t, I’m sure one of the bigger companies will be all over peanut butter vodka.  They’ll drop the flavor into their regular rotation of flavored vodkas and wont need to rely so heavily on the novelty card.  It’s a precarious position to be in.

I wish this plucky little product luck and salute their first-to-the-marketness.  If you’re an alcoholic who craves legumes, a creative barkeep, or just want a humorous talking point at your next party, by all means, pick up a little NutLiquor.

All I ask is that you exercise caution when opening the bottle. I got a little in my eye, and it wasn’t pretty.

Wackity smackity doooooooooo!