A few years ago on eBay, I saw an unopened Hi-C Ecto-Cooler juice box.  I didn’t buy it and have regretted it ever since.  I have yet to see another box come up for sale.  Until I found this energy drink, I thought that I had forever missed my chance to experience Ray, Egon, Peter, and other guy in sugary liquid form.  Even though this Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink is not quite as nostalgic, it will happily do for now.

I love Ghostbusters.  Who doesn’t?  Well, ghosts I guess.  But everyone else, come one.  Easily one of the best movies of the 80s (controversial statement alert!).

I don’t know what the noun is that denotes a Ghostbusters fan.  Like Star Trek people are called Trekkers (or the less politically correct Trekkie), and Star Wars fans are called Battered Spouses with Low Self Confidence and an Unwillingness to Put an End to George Lucas’s Madness. I think Ghostbusters fans are just called Ghostbusters? That’s probably right.

One thing that made me happy at the recent and aforeblogged MegaCon was the presence of a chapter of Ghostbusters cosplayers.

I love cosplayers and enjoy seeing them roving the convention floor.  There were a lot of great costumes at MegaCon, though sadly the majority of them were from the world of anime.  I will rage against anime next week.  Stay tuned.

Some franchises seem to take way more costuming effort than others.  Starfleet officers really only need some black pajamas, a swatch of primary colored fabric, and a remote control.  A Jedi needs a brown bathrobe and some kind of painted stick.

Now maybe the Ghostbusters jumpsuit isn’t too complicated.  You can sew on a few patches here and there.  No big whoop.  But the proton packs!  When they are done right, they look amazing.  Even if it is just sticking different hardware store parts together.

After taking in a eyeful of the Ecto-1 show car that was on display, I was excited to find this drink, as it would allow me to take home a piece of the action!  As no one says anywhere.

I found the can at the same funky and mildly gross booth where I found the Romulan Ale.  It’s made by the same company, and contains similar ingredients: lots of corn syrup, caffeine, and taurine.  A winning combination if I’ve ever seen one.

Comparing the two, I think the Ghostbusters can is cooler, even though I found out later that the can was not, in fact, made from the same magnesium-tungsten alloy as the roof cap of Dana Barret’s apartment building.  Come on marketing guys.  Do I have to do your jobs for you?

Going in, I was hoping that this drink was going to make every molecule in my body explode at the speed of light.  Sadly there was no total protonic reversal, but it did add a little extra charge to my stream.

Popping the top released a nosegrope very similar to Red Bull.  The flavor of the drink is nearly identical to Red Bull as well, but with slightly less Redbullness.  Which is a good thing, as I find Red Bull a little harsh on the senses sometimes.  It was well carbonated and was also properly syruped.  I wasn’t drowning in sweetness or left with a mouth coated in sticky afterfilm.

Admittedly, it’s hard to mess up a corn syrup based beverage, but I like this drink all the same.  It’s solid.  Movie products are disasters waiting to happen, but Boston America seems to keep their products simple and well developed.  You could do worse.  I’d probably avoid the Ghostbusters II Carpathian Cola (not a thing (should be a thing)).

So the next time you’re out and a class five free roaming vapor asks you if you’d like a can of Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink, you say yes.