There are certain things you can always count on seeing at a comic book convention.  There is always a Princess Leia in Gold Bikini cosplayer, who perhaps should have opted for the less revealing Episode IV outfit, there are always superheroes who, rather than crime, seem to be waging the precarious war against adult onset diabetes, and there is always at least one booth at conventions that exclusively sells Japanese snacks.

This is to indulge the whims of American anime fans.  They sell Pocky and Ramune and other sweet confections which anime nerds need to fuel their awkwardness and general lack of self-awareness.

If you don’t know, anime is the absolute worst.  Not to oversimplify but anime is mildly to extremely pervy cartoons with talking animals and/or fighting robots.  It appeals to weirdo adults and future-weirdo-adult teenagers.

I have done some personal research to back this up.  I have two friends who are/were really into anime.  One is a successful graphic artist and social media specialist, and the other has an internet business through which he sells snake oil pills that may or may not help people get rid of their acne.  He plays video games 8 hours a day, and generally doesn’t leave his apartment in daylight hours, except for the occasional trip to photograph semi-nude to nude models for another “side business.”  I love both of these guys, but it puts the break down for liking anime and being a weirdo at 50%, which of course, is the majority.

I have tried to understand the appeal of anime.  I spent a good amount of one week in college watching some anime about a samurai.  In episode one he starts to throw a punch, and 37 episodes later, the punch finally lands.  Then there’s a dance number where everyone’s eyes get comically big and someone gets hit in the head with a frying pan.  I can’t remember the name of the series.  I think it’s called ALL OF THEM.

I find the films and their fans to be silly.  Clearly their time would be better spent watching a few of my favorite films featuring wizards fighting on spaceships with magic and laser swords.

This year I patronized the lone Japanese snack booth after I was handed a business postcard in the shape of a throwing star by a non-English speaking Japanese gentleman who said to me, “Japanese ninja!”  A pithy but effective way of promoting the wares of his booth and import website to be sure.

It was there that I picked up these Gateau du Mont-Blanc Kit Kats.  A Mont-Blanc is a desert made of chestnut puree topped with whipped cream.  And I guess there is a cake version as well (gateau).  I’ve never had either one, so I can’t vouch for authenticity, but I will say that these are pretty tasty.

They open with a sweet, creamy nosegrope that reminded me of those maple candy things that you can buy at…actually I don’t know where you buy them.  But you’ve had them.  The nosegrope is a pretty good indication of what you will find hitting your palate.

They are white chocolate based and the mapley flavor infused in the chocolate is a good, well-balanced pairing.  The stronger chestnut flavor is hiding in the cream between the wafers.  It is noticeable but not forceful.  All parts of these bars work perfectly together.  They are rich and decadent but possibly a little too sweet.  I don’t think I could finish a whole pack if they came in full-sized bars.  Mont-Blanc Kit Kats would make good friends with a black coffee or a fancy pants tea.

These are a limited edition, but you can find them online or at your nearest regional nerd gathering.  Just follow the pasty white kid with large spiky hair and a sword three times as tall as he is.

Japanese ninja!