I keep toying with the idea of starting a blog in which I undertake different pop culture projects. For example, I’d watch all of the James Bond movies, or listen to every Duran Duran album, or read all of the original runs of various superhero comic books. I wouldn’t expect anyone to read it. It would really be for my own gratification as it would fill in the gaps of my cultural knowledge and add more references to the reference bank. Plus, you know, I like writing.

So my first tentative step into a pop culture project has been to watch all of the Godzilla movies in chronological order. There are twenty-eight of them. Twenty-nine if you count the one where Puff Daddy pretends to have a shred of talent by talking over a classic rock song. And why would you count that one?

I’m a few movies in and have been enjoying them immensely. The original Godzilla movie from 1954 is a weird, dichotomous, and kind of horrifying experience. On one hand is a serious and very grim reflection of a country coming to grips with its recent devastation at the hands of atomic weapons, and on the other hand you have a guy trouncing around in a rubber suit smashing tiny models. I highly recommend it.

After that, the movies take on various degrees of awesomeness/ridiculousness. Random monsters are thrown together to battle it out for the privilege of either destroying Japan or saving it. Or in many cases they destroy Japan while trying to save it. I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere.

The fifth film in the series, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, is a lot like these Sour and Butter Pringles. First off, I assumed there would be two main characters: in the movie, Ghidorah and Godzilla, and in the chips, sour cream and butter.  And yes, I believe they are just called Sour and Butter.

Also, just like the movie, there is a third unmentioned character that shows up. In the movie, it is Mothra. In the chips, it is vinegar.

Side note: I did find out later that the original Japanese title was Three Giant Monsters: Earth’s Greatest Battle, but come on, work with me. I’m metaphoring Godzilla and Pringles.

So these seemingly random elements are thrown in the mix together and we are left with the consequences.

The butter, like Ghidorah, has its ass completely kicked. But Ghidorah at least put up a fight. The butter in these chips is nowhere to be found. It is completely lost in the mix. Though I don’t know what Pringles butter flavoring would taste like anyway. I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere.

The other two elements team up and triumph (half-century spoiler alert). These are essentially Sour Cream and Onion Pringles that have had their tanginess ratcheted up with the addition of a splash of vinegar. The vinegar presents very heavily in the nosegrope, but the flavor itself is surprisingly subdued.

Like Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Sour and Butter Pringles weren’t as crazy as I was expecting. They were familiar but enjoyable (bonus points for the can, which appears to show Mount Fuji erupting a river of butter).

You might not get a chance to try these chips, and importing them isn’t really worth the trouble or cost or smashingness of shipping.

Instead, just go four chips of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and one Vinegar. That will do it.

And go rent Godzilla.