This past week, five bloggers undertook the adventure of a lifetime.

Armed with only their wits, eBay accounts, and a hunger for stale food, they traveled back in time and returned with boxes of really, really old cereal.  With little regard for their own personal health and safety, they downed potentially lethal spoonfuls of breakfast sustenance,  just to prove once and for all that…well…old cereals are gross.

On Monday, Marvo at The Impulsive Buy set a new world record for most Simpsons references in a single review when he sampled a box of Homer’s Cinnamon Donut Cereal from 2001.

On Tuesday, Rodzilla traveled back to the dawn of the millennium and braved the dangers of Y2K for a box of Millenios Cheerios.

On Wednesday, I reminisced about the amazing year in pop culture that was 1991, and had a most heinous experienced with a box of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal.

On Thursday, Junk Food Guy found out that one of the ingredients in a box of 1988 Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal just may have been the underarm sweat of the “time to make the donuts” guy.

And on Friday, Foodette activated the foil-suspended horrors of a box of Corn Pops from 1984 with the addition of some 21st century milk.

I hope everyone had as much fun with retro Cereal Week as I did.  But fear not snacklings, we will all return soon for more processed food nostalgia with our next adventure, sure to be titled Retro Dented and Bloated Canned Goods Week!

See you then.

Also, to the person who sniped me at the last second for that box of Pep Wheat Flakes from the 1950s, I hope you choke on it.