Greetings snacklings! As you may have noticed, my posting has been quite sporadic lately.  Well this week, I finally had some quality time away from the soul-sucking job to focus on blogging.  I was excited.

To kick off my Thanksgiving break, I took the Mrs. over to Walt Disney World for some spa and theme park action in honor of the day of her birth.  We made it through two fun days, including checking out the New Fantasyland (kinda cool, if not a stylistic ripoff of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter). Sadly, on the last ride of our final day, tragedy struck.

My beloved Olympus FE-240 camera, which I’ve had for years, and which provided every single picture for this blog, took a flying leap from my hoodie pouch.  I now believe it resides in pieces at the bottom of Space Mountain.  My wife made me leave my name with Guest Services, but I am not hopeful.  Even if it were to be found, I doubt any kind of Jiminy Cricket wishing would’ve kept it in one piece, and functional, after such a fall.

So, until I find a replacement photographing machine, it would seem Food Junk will be down for a few weeks.  Stick with me snacklings!  I shall return, renewed an eager for more processed food product pontificating!

See you then, guys and girls!

Olympus FE-240, rest in pieces.

Cue Sarah McLachlan.