In an attempt to raise myself from the stupor I was in at the end of 2012, I’ve been trying to re-immerse myself in the junk food scene.  I’ve been cruising the Japanese import sites, snagging what I think are the most interesting jewels.  I’ve been dreaming up some ideas for some future thematic post series that may or may not ever see the light of day.  I’ve been catching up with all of my favorite blogs.  And yesterday, I spent two hours at Starbucks researching Kool-Aid and its collecting culture.  (At Starbucks I sat near two be-gothed college drama students, so to catch you up, Craig doesn’t seem gay, but he is totally gay.)

Just when I thought I was nearing the current edge of the foodoblogosphere, I stumble upon this bag of chips as I was exiting a grocery store.  Not only did I not know these Jumpin’ Jack Doritos were being re-released, but I did not know Jumpin’ Jack Doritos were even a thing in the first place.  I bet Craig knew about them.  He’s always up on stuff like that.

These Doritos were originally released in the early 90s.  1990 if Wikipedia is to be believed.  My research ultimately yielded very little save a commercial starring Jay Leno filmed at the painful nexus of late 80s and early 90s youth fashion.  So many jackets.

The last time I attempted to research a re-released Dorito variant was when Frito-Lay released Sour Cream and Onion.  I didn’t find much then either.  I even emailed Frito-Lay to ask a few questions for that post, but I didn’t get a response.  Not even an automated one.  I bet Craig would’ve gotten a response (or Marvo).  Probably a phone call.

I’m bothered by the lack of historical resources for many junk foods, especially in the way of specific varieties and their release dates and production runs. Someone should write a book about that sort of thing.  They could easily sell ten copies.  I’d buy one.  Seriously, I would.

But added bonus, during my research I discovered that Doritos were invented at Disneyland! At the Casa de Fritos in Frontierland!  I’m filing that away in my mental minutiae banks.  That could very well win me the next Trivial Pursuit night. Though I do feel like I should have known that and that everyone probably does know that already.  Did you all know that?  Am I the last one on the safari boat again?  You guys are so smart.  That’s why I hang out with you.

These Jumpin’ Jack Doritos are great.  I mean besides the retro packaging and my love for the old Doritos logo, these things really put the snack in my midnight snack!  (I’m sorry.  I don’t know what I was going for there.)

The ingredients litany lists the cheese coating as a mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack.  The chips start cheddary but then definitely lean more towards the Monterey Jack.  The cheesiness is a nice departure from the regular Nacho Cheese variety.  They also weren’t as heavily dredged in flavor powder as the Nacho Cheeses.  They were dusted more along the lines of Cool Ranch.  Not a complaint.

The level of spice is also spot on.  It’s not a heat, just a subtle level of pepperiness that coats the tongue towards the second half of the chew interval.  Very nice.

Jumpin’ Jack Doritos are an excellent addition, or re-addition, to the Doritos lineup.  Keep an eye out for these.  Pick up a bag for your next sports watching party.  People will be pleased.  But if you invite Craig, make sure you get some vegan chips, too.  You know how he is.  And with the stress of the new Joseph production he’s in, ugh, he’s been a nightmare.

Casa de Fritos.