Well snacklings, this post officially brings an end to my “week” of reviewing all of the finalists from the Lay’s Canada Do Us a Flavour contest.  And just in time because Halloween is right around the corner, and I have to get to work crafting my Phantasmagorical Halloween Spooktacular series of Halloween-related snack posts.

Or I’ll probably just do one Halloween post about a product line that everyone was all over like a month ago.  Sigh.  I think I’m losing my edge.  My awesome.  My joie de snack.

I’ll do better next year, guys.  I promise.  I’ll do a big countdown like all the cool bloggers do.  Nothing but pumpkin stuff, or whatever.

It’s not that I don’t like Halloween.  I love Halloween.  In theory anyway.  Two months before Halloween, I’ve always got big plans.  Horror movies lined up to the horizon.  Adventurous confectionary treat ideas.  Crazy complicated costume.

Then October rolls around and I’m lying on the couch next to my wife staring listlessly through Dancing with the Stars instead of watching Trick ‘r Treat.  My snack recipes have been reduced to stuffing three bite-sized Snickers into my mouth at one time instead of two.  And I’m starting to wonder if taping an empty paper towel roll to my forehead is close enough to “unicorn” to be considered a costume.

But it’s alright.  I’m attempting to get into the spirit.  I just watched all of the Child’s Play sextology.  Which was great.  And I’m three films into the Hellraiser ennealogy.  Which is stupid.  I just finished a Stephen King ghost story (which was good), and pretty soon I’ll break out my copy of Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things to do my annual reading of my all-time favorite short story “October in the Chair.”  Which is fantastic.  If you haven’t read it, do.  It is the best.

Next year, I’ll go all out.  You guys can hold me to it. All kinds of Halloween posts.  I promise.  Food Junk will be lousy with orange and black and chocolate and pumpkins and ghosts and witches and murderous lunatics.

Segue in…3…2…1…

And speaking of lunatics.  Who dips their grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup?  That cannot be a thing people do.  I have never heard of this.  Ever.  Tomato soup, yes.  Obviously.  It’s classic.  But ketchup?  Why would you go and ruin a perfectly good grilled cheese sandwich by dipping it in ketchup?  They are dipping right?  Oh god, what if they’re spreading it on?  They’re not spreading it on are they? I need to know the meaning of this.

Enough people have to be doing this for Grilled Cheese and Ketchup to qualify as a finalist, but I still don’t believe it.  Snacklings, sound off.  Have you done this?

The nosegrope upon opening the bag is a combination of ketchup chips and sour cream and cheddar chips.  The ketchup is a little more dominant, but just a little.

The flavor follows suit.  It tastes like a mashup of ketchup and sour cream and cheddar.  And I don’t think the flavors really mesh well.  They don’t build on one another or complement each other, they both just get toned down.  Ketchup chips are usually tangy with a strong vinegar bite, but here it’s just weak and middle of the road.  And I didn’t pick up any breadedness or grilledness, or anything that would make me think of a sandwich.  Just cheese and tomato.

Overall, these are ok.  I found myself just wanting sour cream and cheddar chips.  And doing a blind taste test, I’m not sure I could identify what the flavor is that Lay’s was going for.

In grand conclusion, I’d say Creamy Garlic Caesar is far and away the best flavor in the Do Us a Flavour contest.  I’d place the ok, but uninspired, Perogy Platter a distant second, Grilled Cheese and Ketchup a few strides behind them, and in last place by a Canadian mile, Maple Moose.  Though Maple Moose still gets my vote for most interesting flavor concept.

Canada, in chip contests, as in health care, gun violence, and overall level of being hated by the world, you have bested us.  Your flavors were more interesting, and assuming that Creamy Garlic Caesar is your overall winner, your best chip is better than ours.

Way to go, ay.

And thanks again to Dani at The Daily Yum for helping me track down these chips.  You’re the best.